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Consultants4VAT has been looking after its clients since 2003. We started out as specialists for Opticians and their partial exemption VAT, but now we have clients in others sectors including Construction Industry and Dentistry.



Our bespoke bookkeeping service means you can focus on your business while we take care of the drudgery. Locally on your premises, and elsewhere by post or couriers, let us be of help. We work with Sage, VT, Adminsoft and many others Software.

Accounts, VAT & CIS


We can help with Taxation, VAT, Self-assessment, CIS returns and the limited company filings.



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Training: We can also train you in bookkeeping with Sage, Adminsoft Accounts, VT, GnuCash and other software.


Articles: Article writing for marketing


Business Purchase: What are the accounts and other factors telling me?

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Other Services


Examinations: You can also prepare for your international qualifications and certification with us for the IAFS examinations imbedded with the Cambridge Board’s OCR and QCF using free accounts software. Prepare also for IAB Sage examinations with us.


Accredited centre of the IAFS.




If you are stuck on your bookkeeping posting, email us for your free answer!